Slate quarries of Cumbria


Since 2016 my work has been focused on one type of rock, and a specific part of England.  Slate displays such a surprising range of textures and colours that it's an absorbing subject for painting.  The locations are all (so far) in Cumbria, and particularly in Borrowdale and around Coniston.  I've spent happy days exploring, sketching and photographing the many disused quarries.  The most spectacular one I've visited is the Cathedral Quarry in Tilberthwaite, a few miles north of Coniston.

Over the same period I've begun to paint on aluminium rather than the traditional artist's canvas.  I was looking for a white surface smooth enough to take pencil drawing as well as oil paints, and the metal surface prepared with several thin coats of gesso meets that requirement.  I've done some watercolour studies too, which are also included here.

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