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Deltaic Sandstone



My painting is an expression of my curiosity about, and wonder at, the Earth and the ancient processes that continue to shape the landscape.  In my paintings, I try to shift the timescale from the human to the geological, depicting a surface that undergoes events at very different speeds, from the visible flow of water and the slow progress of glaciers to the apparent immovability of the underlying rock. I hope through my painting to step outside my own short-term human perspective and reassert some connection with the huge physical reality of nature.

There are parallels between geology and painting.  Paint builds up in layers, and forms runs as the canvas is tilted; water and oil generate a variety of marble-like textures.  I enjoy the ambiguity of paint too: as one makes a mark then moves back from the painting, the individually abstract paint marks merge to become a rock face or glacier.  Event becomes object; object becomes place.

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  1. Denise Farrington avatar
    Denise Farrington Jan 16, 2011

    Hi,My dad, Jack Woodcock was the Morecambe Bay guide who I believe you crossed the bay with last year. He absoloutely adores the crossing the sands painting and feels it really capures the emotional aspects of crossing the bay. He is devastated that it has sold but I was wondering if it would be possible for you to contact me should you decide to paint any more paintings with the bay walk as your inspiration. Many thanksDenise Farrington