Phil Entwistle

  • Projection - detail Phil Entwistle Phil Entwistle is a British landscape artist. Working in oils, ink and watercolour, his paintings explore the geological make-up of the landscape.
  • Castle Cove, Victoria Recent work
  • Deltaic sandstone Gallery Gallery of other paintings
  • Joffre Glacier 1 'Shaped by Ice' Exhibition 2014 The 'Shaped by Ice' Exhibition was inspired by the Joffre Glacier in BC, Canada. The paintings explored the geological changes in the landscape of BC and of Cumbria, UK.

SOLID GROUND 16/2/17 - 10/3/17



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  1. Beth Rudwell avatar
    Beth Rudwell Sep 14, 2014

    Hello Phil Entwistle,

    I discovered your work when I met Chris Commarie when we were staying with him for awhile.  Our son in law, a climber in London introduced us to Chris.  I am an artist in the states, and I love your work.  I do want to keep in touch that I might buy one of your pieces for myself or Marcus, our climber in the family…All the Best,


  2. Jeremy Constant avatar
    Jeremy Constant Feb 7, 2015

    I am an old school friend of your friend Roger Donbavand who sent me your ’ Tumbling Beck’  greetings card on my birthday. I have been looking at your range of artwork which is very impressive. Roger and Janet often talk about their visits to you and yours to them. One day our paths may cross. I hope you had a good time with them in Australia when you were down under. Did you get any sketches done while you were there. Great work. All the best. Jeremy

  3. Phil Entwistle avatar
    Phil Entwistle Feb 7, 2015

    Hi Jeremy. Thanks for your kind comments, it’s good to hear from you. We had a great time in Australia, and though sketching was very limited by our schedule I came back with masses of photos of rocks, which may lead to some paintings before long.
    If you’re agreeable I’ll add you to my list for very occasional emails when I have exhibitions coming up.
    Best wishes,